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Flotrol is an herbal supplement that has been specifically formulated to strengthen the bladder. In addition to this, Flotrol also improves the overall health of the urinary tract. The active ingredients in Flotrol are soy and pumpkin seed extract and these have been utilised for centuries to improve bladder health and strength.

An overactive bladder may cause slight leakage or even incontinence and can range from an occasional leakage to a complete inability and lack of control to hold urine in. Incontinence is more common in elderly people and women are at a higher risk than men for developing the problem. The Flotrol natural control supplement has been designed to combat this and is effective for both men and women.

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An isolated case of urine leakage may soon be a forgotten matter but if it is a recurring incidence then you may be suffering from an overactive bladder. Women of all ages experience urine leakage at some time. This could happen as a natural consequence of laughing or maybe a sudden physical reaction to sneezing and coughing. Certain physical conditions like being pregnant, giving birth and menopause also make some women susceptible to a lack of urine control to some extent.

During urination, the bladder walls contract or relax as well. It is important to keep these muscles toned and strong as we age for optimal urinary control and overall health. If you are trying to combat this you might be trying to cut down on urinary frequency by drinking less water...

This is not good for your health and that's where a natural supplement like Flotrol helps.

Every person needs to drink half their body weight in ounces every day. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds then you should be drinking 75 ounces of water a day. If you weigh 110 pounds then you will need 55 ounces. Try to cut back a little bit on tea, coffee and fizzy drinks. These don't count towards your daily water intake and they can actually make your bladder problems worse. These beverages have a diuretic effect on the body. They actually cause you to go to the bathroom more often.

you do not want to experience these awkward situations. Good thing that you have now the choice of not letting these things happen with you. With the arrival of Flotrol, you will now have the choice and the power to take full charge of your bladder. The main ingredients in Flotrol are the extract of the pumpkin seeds and extract of soy germs. It will not give you the worry of feeling any side effects.

Flotrol can improve the control of your bladder by relaxing it more which will lead to its proper functioning and pacifying the cramps that are present in the bladder and also lessening any inflammation. People who are enduring their bladder problems are now seeing a ray of light with the arrival of this supplement in their lives. In fact, most people who have used Flotrol are already living a normal life just like the way they used to.

Regular intake of Flotrol has its promise and assurance to its users that their problems and worries are about to end in just a few weeks. Although the reaction of the body to the elements present in it is still subjective and there may be some patients who might have to wait for a specific time before he would feel the result that he or she wants, still it is worth the try. Overall, most of its users are pretty satisfied with the effectiveness and the fast relief that they received from Flotrol.

If you suffer from these issues then Flotrol all-natural herbal remedy can help. An overactive bladder can have a major impact on your day to day life but you don't have to let it dictate to you. You can take control of these problems and improve your quality of life with Flotrol.

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Why Try Flotrol?

An over active bladder can be very frustrating and embarrassing for anyone. The constant loss of control or "incontinence" is a problem for many people around the world. It can cause the uncontrolled leakage of urine at any moment of your day. Although this problem can affect anyone, it is most common in the elderly and especially for women.

Women in general can experience urinary tract leakage as a regular part of life, but it is usually minimal and can occur when someone laughs, sneezes, coughs, is pregnant, giving birth or even during menopause. When these isolated instances become a normal occurrence, there may be a problem that needs to be cared for. This is where Flotrol can be the remedy to your problems.

The bladder walls use muscles to contract and relax. When these muscles become weak, your bladder becomes prone to uncontrollable urination, otherwise known as an overactive bladder. This loss of control or incontinence can really cause problems in someone's life, even emotional problems and can prevent a person from enjoying life to the fullest.

Studies have shown that in just one week, people who were given pumpkin seeds and soybean germ extracts, the active ingredients in Flotrol, have already shown improvement in the frequency of urination. After two weeks, the improvements continued and after the six week study, people were still experiencing vast improvements.

There are other ways of controlling urination, but it is not recommended for anyone and can be an unhealthy practice. Drinking less water is an obvious way to reduce the frequency of urination, but to cut back on water can lead to other health problems, and trading one problem for another problem doesn't fix anything; it only complicates your health.

In general, people need to drink at least one half the amount of water in ounces per body weight. For example, a 100 pound women would need to drink at least 50 ounces of water per day to consume the Doctor recommended amount of your daily water intake.

Flotrol is specifically designed to strengthen the bladder muscles to improve your overall bladder health and live a happier, more fulfilling life. Flotrol is all natural, made with soy and pumpkin seed extracts, and over time and regular use of the product as directed, your overactive bladder will be just a memory in time, and life as you once knew it, will be restored as well as your overall health.

Do Treatments Like Flotrol Really Work?

As we grow older, many things about our body change, and one of those is the urinary tract. You might think that you are alone in having an overactive bladder, but it is an extremely common complaint among both older men and women, yet it is one that a lot of people don't like to talk about. However, if your condition is becoming a lifestyle problem for you, or you are suffering from pain or irritation, then it might be time to check out some of the treatments on the market like Flotrol.

A lot of people are turning to natural treatments for a variety of their health issues and this is often the best choice. If you have been diagnosed by a doctor has having an overactive bladder and have no other issues (such as prostate problems in men), then you might want to consider a natural treatment like Flotrol.

Flotrol is a natural product that is based on scientifically proven ingredients that can help to solve your immediate short-term bladder problems and actually serve to make your entire urinary tract healthier. Flotrol contains both soy extract and pumpkin seed extract, both of which have been proven to help with bladder and urinary tract issues.

However, if you are eager to find a way to finally sleep through the night or you are tired of setting your schedule around where the nearest bathroom is, then you might find that all natural overactive bladder treatments like Flotrol is just what you need. It works quickly and helps to provide a long-term solution to your bladder problems.

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Purchase Flotrol

6 Tips For Bladder Control

Do you suffer from an overactive bladder? Have to take frequent trips to the bathroom? Have trouble sleeping through the night without having to get up to use the bathroom? Do you ever have accidents, or have difficulty holding it? Try these tips to strengthen your urinary tract and find natural relief from frequent urination.

1. Do Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises help to restore muscle tone and strength to the pelvic floor. These are the muscles responsible for starting and stopping the flow of urine. Pregnancy, childbirth, or obesity often result in weaker pelvic muscles or the muscles can simply get out of shape as we age. Regular exercise can restore these muscles resulting in greater bladder control.

To help you find the right muscles, try to stop the flow of urine. If you succeed, you are working the right muscles. Now, sitting or standing comfortably, try to contract and release these muscles ten times a day, gradually working up to three sets of ten or more every day. As these muscles become stronger you will find that you have better control of your bladder.

2. Avoid coffee, alcohol, and soft drinks

These beverages don't count toward your daily water intake and in fact can make frequent urination worse. Caffeine and alcohol act as a diuretic causing you to need to go to the bathroom even more frequently.

3. Empty your bladder completely when you go

Take the extra time to relax completely and fully empty your bladder. Breathe and relax, wait a moment after you are finished and try again. Completely emptying your bladder will extend the time between trips to the bathroom.

4. Go to the bathroom before you go to sleep

Empty your bladder directly before bed. This helps train your body to remember that this is the time to urinate. It will also help you to sleep through the night if you avoid snacks before bed, which raise your blood sugar levels making it harder to sleep.

5. Tricks to help you sleep more soundly

Wear socks to bed. Cold feet keep you in a lighter state of sleep, thus making you more aware of pressure in your bladder. Staying warm helps you sleep deeper, thus making it easier to sleep through the night.

Another trick is to sleep in complete darkness. Light causes your body to cease production of melatonin and serotonin, two hormones that help you sleep. And avoid watching television right before you turn in for the night. TV stimulates your brain, making it harder to drift away peacefully and making your dreams more active.

6. Take Flotrol

Flotrol is an all natural bladder control support formula. It contains pumpkin seed and soy germ extracts that have been studied in clinical trials and shown to improve urinary tract health and overall quality of life in subjects suffering from poor bladder control. In clinical trials, results begin to appear after a week, and improvement continued throughout the sixth week. Flotorol will help support and maintain a strong, healthy bladder.

Why Buy Flotrol?

It is commonly thought that bladder problem occurs only among old people. But even people at a younger age can have similar trouble. It is a highly embarrassing defect in a person that would even restrict certain people from going out anywhere. Natural methods are available which strengthens the bladder and restricts it from uncontrollable functioning.

In simple terms, people having bladder control problem would have difficulty in restraining the excretion of urine from the bladder. When that becomes unmanageable, people are put in a situation wherein they wet their dresses. Such an incident naturally creates annoyance in a person, which makes them to stay away from people. Just imagine how embarrassing it could get if such a thing happens at a public place like railway station, airport, etc.

It becomes so annoying that people start to make use of adult diapers, which no one would ever willingly want to get hold of. Any person would lose their self esteem on such usage, but still they have no other choice. These are individuals who are not aware of the natural supplements which curb the defect efficiently.

Flotrol consists of ingredients that help people to naturally curb the trouble effectively and efficiently. It is a very safe treatment for human beings (particularly for old people) and is consumed before each meal. It is a clinically proven method which leads man to live a normal life without any of the embarrassment and annoyance.

Soy and pumpkin seed extracts have been primarily used to attain that healthy urinary tract for over centuries. Since these ingredients are a sure proven cure, they are used in the production of Flotrol. On consumption, it is easily and effectively broken down to yield its benefits. Also, no side effects has been reported so far.

Try Flotrol

Try Flotrol

Where Can I Buy Flotrol?

You can buy it from the Official Website. This way you know you aren't buying a fake or copy product and you will get the best price and service.

Additional Information

If you suffer from overactive bladder problems there is an absolute wealth of information and resources you can use here at the Urology Care Foundation. Amongst many other things, the site offers videos and interactive guides.

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